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Group and one-to-one classes with flexible time and days. Our school is based near the city of Padova, in the north east of Italy. 

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Our Italian classes aim at reaching a good fluency starting from any level. We organize personalized classes according to the students' needs, in order to achieve the desired level. Our typical students include workers, university students, children and travelers. Our communicative approach allows students to be able to speak in all kind of situations, from everyday conversation to work environment.

"Il Mulino" language school is located in Legnaro, 15 km from Padova city center. Padova is a middle size city, known for its ancient university, Prato della Valle (the biggest circular square in Europe), the Basilica of Saint Anthony, Galileo's observatory, Donatello and Giotto?s works of art. Not to forget: Venice is half an hour trip by train. Three departments of the Padova University have recently moved to Legnaro, bringing here a young and active atmosphere, rarely found in other small cities. Here students will have the chance to be involved in the town?s activities, yet avoiding the negative aspects of big cities, such as a greater cost of living, crime, traffic, and so on.

Our Italian courses are extremely flexible. Students can choose how many lessons to take per week, and how long the course will take. Our one-to-one monthly price varies according to the number of lessons per week: the more lessons you take, the less you pay for the single lesson. For example 1 lesson per week is 100 euros/month, while 2 lessons per week is 180 euros/month. These two examples represent the minimum recommended for students who don?t have much time or just need one or two weekly meetings to keep the language active. Of course we offer more intensive classes as well; students can take 2 or more lessons every day. Our typical intensive course include two lessons every day for 4 days/week (i.e. 8 lessons/week, 24 lessons/month). Upon request, we can organize group lessons, when there is a minimum of 4 students with the same level. In case of group lessons the price is 240 euros and the course lasts 3 months.

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